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[Official] - LunaticAION: How to Connect

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[Official] - LunaticAION: How to Connect Empty [Official] - LunaticAION: How to Connect

Post by Exprion on Wed Nov 07, 2012 10:14 pm

Welcome to LunaticAION 3.0 Server!
Download and Install Aion
1. Download & Install : NCSoft Launcher

2. Make sure the Region is North America (File->Settings->Advance) in your NCSoft Launcher.

3. Install Aion using the NCSoft Launcher.

Connecting to LunaticAION 3.0 Server:

1. Download & Install Game Launcher: Click Here
2. If you have group bug you may need to download incase Lanucher

3. Put in your Aion Folder ("C:Program Files/Ncsoft/Aion") and unwinrar
4. Start LunaticAION Launcher


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