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[Guide] Chanter

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[Guide] Chanter  Empty [Guide] Chanter

Post by cav104 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:12 am

This is the official release of my guide for Chanter. I've been thinking about this months ago but I didn't have the plenty of time to do it. Since I noticed that there's no decent guide for Chanter here on the forum, then I'd be glad to give a little help for the players who would like to play or roll to Chanter. Before I start, let's define first a Chanter (my own description)

Click here to view the full image.
[Guide] Chanter  11_zps298a9940

[Guide] Chanter  111_zps62b40266
Click here to view the full image.


A Chanter is a very complex or shall I say a hybrid class. Basically,Chanter came from a Priest Class(which is somewhat classified as a mage class during combat) but uses physical damage to kill the enemy and magic to support/heal/strengthen his allies.


Offensive Skills
Chanter's skills are half ranged and half melee. Inescapable Judgment and Mountain Crash are his bread and butter and both of them are ranged. His melee skills like Hallowed Strike, Numbing Blow and Meteor Strike has debuffs that could temporarily weaken a target. Disorienting blow is a very sweet skill, it stumbles and disables the enemy. Furthermore,a Chanter has melee and ranged chain skills that could deal good damage and stun/disable the enemy as well. With these facts, a Chanter can be a ganker (which means he could fulfill the role of a ranger), a disabler, a stunner(which could fulfill the role of an assassin) and a hitter (which could fulfill the role of a gladiator).~Sweet!

A Chanter have a lot defensive skills and most of them are AOE(for yourallies) like Divine Curtain, Elemental Screen and Word of Protection. He also has ProtectionWard which gives resistance to stuns and stumbles which makes you an effective support to your allies. Remember to use these skills wisely and don’t buff all at the same time. With these facts, a Chanter can be an effective tank(which could fulfill the role of a Templar) and a protector to his allies. ^^

Healing Burst is the healing skill that gives more HP yet quite inconvenient since the casting is too long(remember that the pvp in Aion, everything happens in a blink of an eye.. every second counts). Recovery Spell is a recovery type of healing skill as well as Word of Revival(theseskills are very helpful when you hit enemies while healing yourself). Healing light heals a pretty small HP but the cooldown is very quick, you can use this while your primary healing skills mentioned above is still in cooldown. Word of Life is also a recovery healing skill but this is an AOE spell, if your allies stay within your range, then they can avail this spell the moment you cast it. Stamina Restoration is your primary sort of survival during critical times, this skill is especially made only for you, meaning, you can only use it for yourself. If you’re team does not have a Cleric, then you will be the one to do the healing. Use a Mace and a Shield to boost your defenses since you’ll be targeted first during clash. Know how to kite but never get out of your allies’ cover.

Chanters are the superiors when it comes to buffing in all Atriea. Expect alot of people whispering you BUFF PLEASE(sometimes they spam) which could be irritating. LOL! Just buff them up, it only cost a little mana.Word of Quickness is a skill that buffs you and your group member with 50% Casting skills reduction. Very helpful during critical times when you need to heal very fast. The mages of your group will surely love this and as wellas a gladiator.

These are the buffs with no time limit as long as you live .Mantras are very supportive buff but have a limited range. That’s why you should always stay in the middle of the group and of course,your group members should not be a pain in the ass! They should stick with you at all times! Mantras are useful during group pvp but even more useful when you solo. With the proper adjustment of mantra, you can defeat every enemy you encounter with. Your mantras make you the fire of the war because this could strengthen your group members.

Tremor,is your offensive DP skill and Stilling Word is useful as well(but I don’t usually do this since Chanters has low Magical Accuracy T.T ). Wordof the Wind and Yustiel’s/Marchutan’s Protection will make you and your group members a MONSTER! YES! You and your combat class(rangers,assassin,glad,Templar) group members will double their offensive capability with these buffs. Both of these can always turn the tides of the war especially against zerging.

Chanter'srole during group PVP

Priests are the backbone of the war. Priests give you party members higher chances of survival. The longer you survive, the higher the chance of killing your enemies. Chanter is very vital in a group whenever oneof them fall , since you can fulfill their roles and this is your primary task. It is important that you have a decent pvp gear so that you could boost this potential. Chanter is very annoying to his foes.A major pain in the ass during group pvp, especially when you insert your staff to their ass! ROFL! Just kidding!


Usually,Chanters don’t go solos since he is made to be a very good support.BUT, Chanter is also a very good class to play solo with. A Chanter that can take down 2 enemies is good, but a Chanter who can take down 3-4 enemies is a PRO! Some people might notice me hunting solo with my Chanter. I love soloing cause I troll a lot of people. If I getzerged, then they have to win a race to chase me! HAHA!

Armors,Accessories and Weapons

The best armor for Chanter is of course, ABG since it gives high MR(notto mention the manastones) and PVP def is very good. As a priest, youneed to have a PVP armor to survive. If you’re starting as a Chanter, you should have atleast EGT/EAT or APP/GPP set. Stormwingsis a good option too considering it’s high magic resist. You are most likely to have a lot of stuff since you’re always needed during instances. When I first played Chanter, I didn’t rush to trade my ABG Gladiator gears to Chanter gears. I did a lot of boss raids etc. to have items for Chanter and enjoyed the items I have even if some of them are not so valuable. I just had fun, no need to rush! Chain armor is the best for a Chanter. Plate armor is the best armor a daeva can wear but for me, Chain armor is the BEST! It gives good magic resist, parry and block(good for defense).The best build for a Chanter is Magic Resist since it does not only resists magic but also resist stuns and stumbles. For your weapons, you should havea staff with a fuse, mace and a shield. It is important that you mustknow how to change it at certain situations. You can socketCrit/Attack to your staff. For your mace and shield, either pure MR,pure Block or MR/Block. Your mace and shield is primarily used for your defense, so, boost its potential to increase your defense. You should have atleast 2k MR, if not, socket Crit/Parry/HP for your armor and Block for both of your WH and Shield. Of course you need to have a critical strike/attack accessories since you deal physical damage primarily. Critical strike can increase the chances of stumbling and stunning your target. You should have atleast 500 Crit strike.

Here are my weapons and armor with manastones.
[Guide] Chanter  1_zpsf1b4d41c

Max attack I have (full buffs) = 1,127
Attackspeed(with WOC 1) = 1.0 with Staff, 0.8 with Warhammer
Speed =11.1 (I'm a horse LOL)
Crit Strike= 539

[Guide] Chanter  2_zpse269e982

With Shield. My gear is ABG Chain Set +15 Full MR, ABG Critical Accessories with MCCG and Belt. My weapons, ABG staff +15 Fullattack,ABG Shield and Warhammer +15 Full MR.

Chanter VS Other Class

Warriors are very hard to defeat if you’re a Chanter. You can actually defeat them if you’re build is hitter type like Crit/Attack on your armor and some parts with Parry. Socketing a blind godstone is also effective against warriors. Remember to buff Promiseof Earth and strike NumbingBlow whenyou fight against combat class target/enemy(these skills reduceattack speed which will give you chance to hit fast or heal). Stunlock is the key to defeat a warrior. Remember to take advantage ofyour range against melee class, kite a target if he's on his very defensive or offensive state. During group pvp, they are the last class for you to kill.

The hardest class for you to defeat is your own kind! LOL! Usually, the battle never ends between priests. Use your stuns and stumbles whenever they cast their heals or deadly spells(cleric). Always interrupt their heals, Mountain Crash have DOT that could interrupt their casting skills, make sure that this skill is ready whenevertheir HP is already low.

The easiest class for you to defeat(no offense for the scout players).During group pvp, kill the scouts first since they are such a pain in the ass against the mages of your group. They can also spam you with stuns like hell, so before they can stun you, do it to them first!Against assassins, use your range advantage. Kite him as long as you can, use your defensive buffs like protective ward and enhancement mantras. The moment their buffs wears off like Oath of Accuracy(thisgives them higher chance of silencing and stunning you), be at yourmost offensive state and kill them fast.

The most imba of all the classes! Considering that they can only wear cloth, very ironic. Don’t give them a chance to get you! For sorcerer, be at your most defensive state when you notice that their buffs pop up and deadly spells casting. Never forget to pop Elemental screenand use Protection Mantra for high elemental defense. If sorcs’spell get through your MR, atleast you only receive less damage from their spells which really helps a lot. Spam heals when they constantly cast spell on you. Troll them by doing this, the longer the battle against a sorcerer, the higher chance for you to defeat them. A battle against a Spiritmaster is really hard especially when they spam fear. Remove all your buffs yet since they will just remove that from you except your mantras (if the sm is desperate enough toremove your mantra, he may use his DP dispelling skill). Buff yourself the moment your silence godstone procs then spam stuns,until you defeat them. Mountain Crash is your bestfriend against casters(DOTs interrupts casting). I believe that Spiritmaster is the exact opposite of Chanter.

It depends on your strategy, if you want to use Chanter’s flexibility,then use this stigma tree.

[Guide] Chanter  3_zps2dae4483

The stigma above is a stigma for full support Chanter.

[Guide] Chanter  4_zpsf3c7aaa4

This stigma tree is a perfect balance of offense and defense. Could be used for soloing and group pvp.

I won’t discuss more about the offensive build of a Chanter since you'll be offensive by socketing attack/crit manastones on your gears.

[Guide] Chanter  5_zps18dadb10

[Guide] Chanter  6_zps837354ac

This may also help you. I placed those chain skills on F1-F4 so that it'll be accessible whenever it pops out. I also made all my important active buff,supporting and healing skills as well as weaponchange accessible enough to use it quick.


*Chanter is a very flexible class
*He has a physical offense with a good defense. Unlike Cleric, she needs to give up her magic boost/accuracy to gain more MR.
*Very good support class. Gets along with every class(group pvp)
*Very good defense
*Balanced class
*We will not end if I discuss more of this

*One of the hardest class to master
*Chanter gears are expensive since you need to have all the weapons to be effective and armors with different manastone build if your desperate enough to defeat all the class
*You will lack active skills if your chain skills / counterskills will NOT be available or successfully used
*You only have 1 AOE offensive skill which is Tremor, the rest are for one target only

Momma Jubii, one of the best chanters made a media center for her favorite class, Chanter. You may watch her videos. So awesome!


To be a very effective Chanter, you need to have the best gears and atleast tried using all the class to maximize your flexibility. For me, Chanter is the most balanced class. Chanter is a very good class to play with. Its flexibility will not bore you. Every clash is always a challenge for you. Being a Chanter and a follower of Marchutan is an honor. ^^

About the author

When I first played Aion, Priest class was never my first choice. I underestimated the Priest class as well. Well, that was my old noob days. HAHAHA! My first toony was a ranger. I did all the madafakin crafting(Essencetapping,Aethertapping,Alchemy,Cook ing,Handicrafting,Armorsmith).I started from nothing, I never depended on anyone. Then I tried to play as a sorc and I love it! LOL! Then gladiator,assassin(not playedseriously),templar,sm till one day,I decided to try playing as a priest. I chose Chanter first then I realized that I should try using Cleric to be a very effective Chanter. I've been playing as a Chanter until now on both races. I still have to master this class

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