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[Guide] Gladiator

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[Guide] Gladiator Empty [Guide] Gladiator

Post by cav104 on Wed Nov 07, 2012 9:19 am

Ok folks since I am bored and this thread doesnt have a 101 fighting guide like almost all the others.. I am making one.

I know there will be trolls saying omg this isnt nesassary, glad is too easy, it is an op class! Well so are Rangers and Sms supposedly but people still help eachother in those class forums....

This is going to be basic tactics guide that usually works for me, I am sure people like tzu will come in saying oh your just fighting bads, well then 90% of the people I run across are bads so guess this guide will help some people....

Let's start with gear and stats shall we,

Ideally you will want 3 sets if you solo pvp and group. Choices for a "primary" set are an crit/hp build or attack/crit/acc build.

If you have 40e or a set that is decent that you are thinking about not using make it an accuracy set for solo crucible if you come across block temp/cleric or parry chanter. Or for dredge if the other team is made up of a lot of leather or block spec cleric.

At 60 the minimum stats you are going to want is: 2400 accuracy, 700 crit, mid 700 attack. (This is the MINIMUM without buffs/food/scrolls)

If you can get to 2600+ accuracy, 750+ crit, 800ish attack without buffs you will be smashing people! I still use abg so some of my stats are lacking but I imagine with a kahrun or vasharti weapon these stats are fairly easy to obtain.

So how bout them solo fights:


Most Templars are going to pop UD, 2 or 3 offensive buffs and run at you. In this case (depending on how close to you they are) pop UD and anti shock scroll. If you dont pop anti shock scroll some templars can really really hurt with their initial burst so use armor of atribution and lockdown then kite around a little bit.

Things to remember that most glads dont think about:

Glads can move around nicely and still be able to attack, templars have less attacks that allow them to move so be mobile when needed.

You have defensive prep use it.

Ankle snare can be used defensively.... can give you time to fire some bow shots from a distance, use herb treatment, give you a few seconds for a skill that is on CD.

Basically when fighting a templar dont think offensively like a derp, experiment with saving zerk for the right time forcing a templar to use their remove shock heal etc etc.


For the most part I think clerics are the easist class to fight... unless you find one that knows a perfect rotation and knows how to jump cast (luckily very few can do both well)

2 ways to fight cleric... If you have a good enough weapon and gear you can pop Ud start hitting on them a bit, force them to use remove shock. They are going to probably start running around like a chicken with their head cut off with their shield up. just stay MOBILE!! hit that shield when the shield is about to go away use ankle snare, pop zerk, start beating the piss out of them. Cleric is probably thinking "o piss my shield is almost gone he has me ankle snared I must dispel!" that was clos... O wait my health piss burst health... o wait he tendon sliced me got to dispel... by that time you should have their health easily 3/4 or less... they dispell tendon.. you aerial lockdown, final strike, weave, crushing... dead cleric go dead. If he isnt hopefully you still have cleave and ferocrious chain and should be able to easily put them down.

Tips with cleric:

The standard cleric is going to try and double dot blind you... dont be noob and pot! Wait out one of the other debuffs and then pot especially if you have zerking up.... or you can run around making sure to stay away from their summoned "pets" then come back and zerk it up after blind is gone.

Save kd skill (crushing blow) for either when they are trying to cast call of lighting (cuase that will f u up!) or for a time when you are sure you can finish them.

Hardly ever do you want to use a greater healing potion to get out of a cleric root... be prepared to use strengthing wings when you have zerk up. If you dont have zerk up you can just eat the root it breaks on dmg and its short so no big lose. I know some people pre pop strengthining wings becuase it increases resistance to slow/root but this is VERY noob imo, becuase from experience more often than not it only helps you get out of a root or slow doesnt help prevent them. Only time poping a potion to get out of root makes since is to either get away from zerg (if strenthing wings is on cd) or if the cleric only has a tiny bit of health left and you think you can burn them down.

Make use of your aoes to kill their summoned "pets" if you want... but keep pressure on the cleric if you target their summonded pets and forget about them and let them have breathing you you will fail if they have any sort of decent ma/mb.

Learning when and how to weave and how to stay mobile is key to fighting a cleric.


If you have a decent weapon, crit, and accuracy 90% of chanters arent going to be an issue imo. Chanters can give you trouble if they have decent mr or you play their kiting game.

Having said that do not underestimate a good chanter! A chanter that knows how to kite, mitigate your damage, keep attack speed slow on you can pose a threat!

Probably biggest thing when fighting this class is DO NOT pop anything other than UD until you are right on top of them. Also dont waste ankle snare on them at the beginning thats a pretty noob move unless you know they arent that geared and you can burn them down.

Try and use tendon slice prior to ankle snare.... it does damage/easy to weave with and if you can bait them to use greater healing potion with it when your godstone procs they will be screwed.

I have never really paid much attention to chanters buffs in 3.0, but they are a lot better than they use to be. You shouldnt have trouble with them unless they are really geared... Save your defensive cds for when UD is about to run out (if the fight goes that long)... if UD is down I suggest using defensive prep and gtfo'ing out of that mug getting stunlocked by a geared chanter is very humiliating and painful.

Random things that I find useful vs chanters:

I dont really watch their buffs/mantras much. I kinda just look to see if they have rage spell (means they will hit harder but heal slower) and unless they are a derp they will have celerity mantra. You need to interupt their healing with crushing blow/aerial lockdown if at all possible but try to force their remove shock first. This can kinda suck becuase I beleive they have 2 remove shocks

DO not be noob and aerial lockdown/crushing while they have shield up or that parry skill.

I ususally watch my debuffs and figure out what skills to use based on sound.... not by watching their buffs. If they have a shield up its going to sound different.

Just like cleric knowing when and how to weave and when to interupt skills is half the battle.


First lets go over a couple scenarios

Scenario 1: Fighting a bad glad that can make you look worse if you try and face tank them.... I call this type of glad the pve hero that has epic gear becuase he pves all day but knows nothing about pvp. He likes to pop EVERYTHING when he sees you even if he is 25+ meters away. He is going to pop UD, Second Wind, Zerkin, Wos and perhaps stamina recovery. Countering this is VERY easy... Just pop UD and defense prep run opposite direction (If your gear isnt that great you could pop WOS also). 9 times out 10 he is going to hit charge (becuase he doesnt want his buffs wasted) then ankle snare you. Strenthening wings out of AS, kite a tad longer (by this time he should have less than 15 secs on zerk).... Switch back to slaughter when you see the zerk and wos icons flickering go in there and lockdown then tendon slice, make sure to take advantage of weaving! if he pops strengthing wings to get out of tendon slice then later on when you use ankle snare he will be screwed. At this point you should pown him just make sure to take advantage of weaving/heal aoes/lockdown as needed.

Scenario 2: The Extendable Glad

While lannok/bakarma is nice from 50 - 55 at level 60s it really hits like a wet noodle agianst geared players. (might be able to use vs sms or sorcs but thats about it)

Back in the day extendable glads could pown most non extendable glads, not the case with eternal weapons. You really dont need my help here much so basically all I am going to say is dont get baited into using strenthing wings (only use it for AS so they cant lol beat on you from range) and dont bother trying to kite them.. that will just make it worse for you. You do WAY more damage with a good eternal so keep the gap tight and use aoes and you should be fine.

Vs Decent/well geared glads that know what they are doing:

These fights are few and far between! I can count on my fingers the number of good elyos glads on siel that actually solo. I dont know how to really explain much about these fights I get so into them and think as the fight goes on... A really good glad will be anything but predictable so I cant really tell you how to fight them except give some tips.

Tips vs Decent/Good Glad:

Make sure and use lockdown as much as possible.

If you see them pop a dp skill either run away and kite it off as much as possible or use Wall of Steel.

Dont use Wall of Steel for a 1v1 fight unless other important CDS are on CD like UD.

A lot of glads still fail to socket enough accuracy so defense prep can/will help. I have 2293 parry with my 55 abg and 55 cruci helm. If a glad has 2300 accuracy or less without zerk up....

Dont waste Strengthing Wings on Tendon slice... Noob move is noob.

If you lose to another glad doesnt mean they are better because unfortunately rng can win a glad fight. Especially a Para proc or two. Also with the UD nerf it seems like getting Kd'd isn't too uncommon.


Oh the king of kiters... if you let them. A ranger will try and play a game of cat and mouse with you if you are not careful, and if they outgear you well, you are dead.

First I wil admit my knowledge on ranger builds/skills is pretty limited... thats becuase before 3.0 they posed little to no threat. Imo if your gear is somewhat current you should only need to worry about their speed buffs/dp skills/ focus evasion.

Let's talk about a good or decent ranger... becuase let's face it a bad one wont even put a dent in you most the time.

80% of Rangers I come up on are either mau formed or go straight into hide if they see you pop ud before you hit them....

Scenario 1: THe meow form ranger
THis fool is going to try and kite you to death literally... he will slowly wear down your health until charge/strenthing wings/second wind/Ud/zerk is on CD then he is going to blow you up!... A good chance is that you are going to be really screwed if all these cds are gone at the same time... except you could buy yourself time with Wall of Steel (which I find cheap in a 1v1 but if they are going to use dp skills all the time), stamina recovery (This skill needs an update bad imo, sucks for a 10 min cd but whatev), armor of atribution and defense preperation.

Rangers are going to say lol you bad glad just run in their and faceroll what you talking about... well dont underestimate a ranger. A good one will counter most of what you do if you try and charge after them in meow form.... WHATEVER happens dont waste charge on a mau form ranger that already has distance you will look like a fool!

They are going to try and counter ankle snare by sleeping you more than likely. which if it lands ankle snare will be pointless to have wasted.

They will try to counter your charge by using a slow or trap... ok so you have strengthing wings but nope too late charge only has 4 secs left at this point and he is still running far ahead.

DO NOT CHASE! Use LOS (Line of Sight) to try and bait them... A ranger with an ego is going to give in then you can work your magic. It also helps if you bait them into an area where they will probably run into mobs if they freak out and run or use tactical retreat.

Scenario 2: The hide ranger

These guys are funny and you can make them look like a fool with one small thing most glads apparently are too lazy to carry.. Seeds of detection!!!! Some rangers are also so dumb they go into hide and sit in same area so you can try and aoe them out before using one of these if you wish.

If you have a seed of detection and pop it more than likely the ranger is going to be caught way off guard... Just piercing rupture their face/tendon slice/kd and more than likely they will be dead before they can use remove shock.

If you do not have seeds of detection I recommend going into defense prep stance and being prepared to remove shock with your finger on the remove shock key then UD/second wind.

Tips vs Rangers:

Always try and use tendon slice before Ankle snare if possible.

Look out for focus evasion, most pop it pretty early in the fight or when they are running.

Try and learn to make a judgment call when they are in mau and/or have run buffs up... say are they close enough to blow up or should I save my buffs.

If all else fails you can 2k their face into the ground and just say its justified since you are countering their 2k

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